Hobby Electronics

I am a electronics hobbyst from middle-school days, and have built myself hundreds of little electronic gadgets for fun.

Nixie Clock

I recently built myself a Nixie Clock. For details, click here »

PC RS-232 Serial Port Digital Input/Output

In 2011, I built this contraption to do DIO using the serial port on a regular PC:

Circuit Diagrams

  • Circuit diagrams for a number of circuits which I have built over the years can be found here »
  • Some 113 circuits from my collection can be found here »
  • A set of circuits for beginners, from the Kelsey Park School Electronics club, can be found here »
  • A comprehensive collection of free circuit diagrams is available at Red Free Circuits »
  • A collection of interesting circuit diagrams, from Aaron Cake, can be found here »
  • Another site featuring a lot of circuit diagrams: http://www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com »

Electronic Components

  • Click here(PDF) for an Introduction to Transistors (including pin identification)
  • Introduction to Transistors, including lead identification, by J Hewes, Electronics Club, Kelsey Park Sports College: click here »
  • Here is a quick reference for resistor color codes (courtesy Electronix Express):
  • Here is a quick reference for capacitor color codes (courtesy Electronix Express):


Sources for Procuring Electronic Components

Carl's Electronics
17 Laurelwood Road
Sterling, MA 01564
Voice: 978 422 5142
Fax: 978 422 8574
Email: sales@electronickits.com

Amazon Electronics Inc
Johan Smit
PO Box 21, Columbiana, OH 44408
Voice: 330 549 3726, 1888 549 3749
Fax: 330 549 3725
Email: general@electronics123.com

Box 730, Morgan Hill,
CA 95038
Voice: 408 847 0033
Fax: 408 847 0133
Email: EricJohnson: ejohnson@alltronics.com

Marlin P. Jones & Associates
Marlin Jones
PO Box 12685, Lake Park FL 33403-0685
Voice: 407 848 8236
Fax: 407 844 8764
Email: mpja@mpja.com

Circuit Specialists Inc.
Paul Thorpe
PO Box 3047, Scottsdale, AZ 85271-3047
Voice: 1-800-528-1417
Fax: 602 464 5824
Hobby Engineering
1405 Huntington Avenue, Suite 150
South San Francisco, CA 94080
1-866-Robot-50 (1-866-762-6850)
Fax: 1-650-952-7629
Email: info@hobbyengineering.com


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