Vinyl Record to Compact Disc Conversion

I am in the process of converting all gramaphone (also called phonograph) records, and audio cassettes, in our family to digital formats, including Audio CD and MP3.

My Conversion Setup

I soldered the left, right and ground wires coming out of the pick-up cartridge of my record player to a stereo 3.5mm jack, and plugged this jack into the Line-In receptor on the sound card installed in my PC (see picture at right).

The rest is done by software as follows:

  1. CD Wave from Milo Software ( for
    • Sampling records played on the record player into WAV audio files, and
    • Slicing the WAV files into individual tracks
  2. dBpowerAMP ( to convert the WAV files into MP3 audio files


Here a couple of sample MP3 clips, encoded with very low bit rates (and hence resulting in very low fidelity) to keep these sample file-sizes small:


Here are a couple of screen-shots:



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